Atlanta Legal Services
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Atlanta Legal Services, Inc. as a complete litigation support service will provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information. We can:

  • Locate a bank account for garnishment or to collect judgments
  • Obtain subscriber information for an unknown / unlisted telephone number
  • Asset searches
  • Background checks and applicant screenings
  • Skip traces
  • Locate witnesses
  • Find new addresses
  • Find parents who owe child support

Many law firms in the Atlanta and northern Georgia area are finding it difficult and time consuming to locate a credible agency that meets both their needs and their clients expectations. Providing the highest standard of work and work ethics is an Atlanta Legal Services, Inc. hallmark.

Our in-house skip tracing services are among the finest in the nation. Whether you are attempting to locate necessary witnesses, dead-beat dads or judgment debtors, we have the resources and the experience to locate any individual and their assets.

If you need information, Atlanta Legal Services, Inc. can get it.

Surveillance $55/hr
Skip Tracing $90
Courthouse Research $45/hr
Asset Searches quote
Photography $45/hr
Hourly rate prorated in 15 minute increments. Out-of-pocket expenses billed additionally. Waiting time billed at $30 / hour. Minimum fees and rates for other services will gladly be quoted upon request.