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How To Save Time & Money On Your Court Filings

  • Double check your papers before calling us. Make sure everything is signed, stamped, etc.
  • Make sure you're filing in the right court. You'd be surprised how often people file in the wrong court!
  • Make sure you have all the current new case and disclosure forms filled out. Be sure your forms are for the right county.
  • Don't use tabbed dividers for your exhibits, they can't be scanned, and are thrown out by the clerk. Use stickers at the beginning of each exhibit instead.
  • Tell us about any statutes or other deadlines.
  • Make sure you have the current filing fee, rush fee, etc.
  • Call us as early as possible, especially if it's a rush. The sooner we know, the sooner we can plan to be sure and have it done on time.
  • Use only full-time professional process servers to ensure that your papers are handled right.